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Judiciary Democrats Release Key Segments of Interview Shedding Light on Trump Charges

Washington, June 9, 2023
WASHINGTON, D.C.-- On Wednesday, June 7, Steven D’Antuono, former Assistant Director of the FBI Field Office, sat for a transcribed interview with the House Judiciary Committee.  His testimony, which came at the insistence of Chairman Jim Jordan, gives insight into the charges pending against former President Donald Trump. 
The classified documents hidden at Mar-a-Lago included documents so highly sensitive that not even the Assistant Director could read them.  Mr. D’Antuono had to call in outside help to prevent further “spillage” of those classified materials.

The former President was physically present for a key act of potential obstruction.  President Trump was standing with his attorney at the steps of Mar-a-Lago when she handed investigators a letter certifying—falsely—that all classified documents had been returned.  [link to letter]

The FBI executed a search of Mar-a-Lago only after investigators had probable cause to believe that the former President would leak or destroy classified documents.  Mr. D’Antuono testified that every fact described in the search warrant remains true today.